Halo 3 coming in 2006?

Written by Ryan Garside

March 31, 2006 | 18:26

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Halo 3, Microsoft’s flagship gaming franchise, doesn’t look to set to arrive until the first quarter of 2007, an anonymous Microsoft tipster has revealed.

IGN is the source for the rumours, claiming they have two insiders providing the information that March 2007 will be the release date. They also allege that at the upcoming E3 we will see footage of the anticipated FPS.

Speculation is buzzing on the net over why that particular release date has been selected for the title, especially considering the movie looks to be released in the summer of ’07. Perhaps this is a scheme to ensure that the 360 games made by independent publishers are not overlooked in the crucial holiday season. However, it seems confusing and unlikely that Microsoft would not want to cash in on Christmas this year with such a profitable product.

It isn’t completely implausible to suggest this is just another saga of the ongoing mind games being played with Sony. Tell the world the game is due in March then release it to coincide with the Playstation 3? Would Microsoft dare?

Or, more pragmatically, is it just the case that the game won't be ready?

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