Halo 3: Recon detailed

Written by Joe Martin

October 10, 2008 | 10:54

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Bungie and Microsoft have finally dished out the full details on the Halo expansion pack which was unveiled yesterday, dubbed Halo 3: Recon. Interestingly, Bungie has also confirmed that Recon will be the last game in the Halo trilogy that that particular development studio will work on.

In a talk at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday, Bungie revealed Halo 3: Recon and detailed what exactly it would be and how it would be released. Apparently the game will be sold as a stand-alone disc and as as Xbox 360 exclusive, obviously.

The game is set to be a first-person shooter too, not a squad-based shooter as many seem to have thought. The game will be set within the story of the Halo trilogy, but will not feature Master Chief as the main character. Instead, players will be cast as a regular footsoldier. Bungie is promising that the change of character will result in a different gameplay experience to the previous Halo games, but that Recon will also have full feature parity with the previous games.

"This is one of a few projects that we're currently working on. This is the first time at Bungie we've actually had multiple things happening at once and not just, every three years, doing the massive game release," said Bungie's Brian Jerrard at the Tokyo Games Show.

When GamesIndustry.biz pressed for details however, Jerrard said that Recon would be Bungie's final statement on the Halo trilogy, though the team still stood by the previous games and will continue to offer support and mappacks.

Has Recon got you interested in Halo once more, or is the series ready to be put out to pasture in your opinion? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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