Half-Life 2: Aftermath is delayed

Written by Tim Smalley

November 10, 2005 | 23:04

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According to a report on one of the top Half-Life 2 fan sites, the next addition to the Half-Life family is delayed in typical Valve fashion.

Valve's Director of Marketing, Doug Lombardi, spoke exclusively to Halflife2.net, giving an update on the status for the next Half-Life 2 Episode. He stated that "[They're] working very hard to finish this new episode for HL2, however, its going to take [them] a bit more time to get it into top shape."

Many will see this as a bad thing, and yet another missed release date for the incredibly talented group of guys working out of Valve's offices in Seattle. However, the reporter believes that if Aftermath is finished, it's currently not up to Valve's high standards.

I'm a believer in getting something done 'when it's done' where possible, and I'd rather wait patiently for the game to be released (in good time), to ensure that it is up to the high standards that everyone expects of you. In the case of Valve, they've got a lot to live up to after Half-Life 2, and I'm fully expecting Aftermath to be another cornerstone in the history of the first-person shooter.

Read the full statement over on HalfLife2.net and share your thoughts in the forums.
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