GTA modder facing prison?

Written by Joe Martin

April 21, 2008 | 16:03

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It's that time of year again when Grand Theft Auto shifts back into the public eye and controversial stories start coming out of the wood-work again. This time round it's the story of New Zealand modder Stacy O'Callaghan, who has wound up in trouble with the law for a GTA mod.

Stacy, who was apparently sick of "all that American rubbish" in the GTA games, set to modding his PC version of the title according to The first thing he modded? Taking out the American cop insignias and dropping New Zealand ones in as a replacement.

Yeah, maybe not the best thing to yell from the rooftops that you'd rather shoot police from your own country, but nobody told Stacy that.

Unfortunately for Stacy, New Zealand police have taken offense to his mod and, in an effort to discourage such behaviour in the future, are attempting to prosecute Stacy for "unauthorised use of a police uniform", which is an offence under New Zealand's Police Act.

At the moment the case has reached a bit of a stalemate as the New Zealand police force is unsure if it can even prosecute under that law, but the police is still looking at its options.

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