Greenpeace: Nintendo hates the environment

Written by Joe Martin

November 28, 2008 | 09:56

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Greenpeace has again called the business practices of Nintendo into question, claiming that the company is inadequate on many levels and that the Japanese game-maker is totally unwilling to talk about the issue.

Greenpeace spokesperson Iza Kruszewska spoke out to Edge on the topic and said that Nintendo showed a complete refusal to take the topic seriously and would not have any contact with charities like Greenpeace.

"We're in continuous dialogue with all the companies we speak to, apart from Nintendo," said Kruszewska. "The company has an incredibly poor standard of communication regarding this issue."

This isn't the first time that Greenpeace has questioned the environmental policies of Nintendo either - the topic seems to get raised on an annual basis at least.

The good news though is that other console-makers are much better at this type of thing apparently, with Sony in particular being praised for it's chemical management and take-back initiatives. Microsoft too was praised for attempting to make their products as clean as possible - though Greenpeace was clear that the company should have taken action far earlier than it has.

"But really, [Microsoft] have it so easy because they only make two core hardware products - the 360 and the Zune - they should really be way ahead," he added.

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