Gizmondo back from the grave

Written by Joe Martin

January 25, 2008 | 11:10

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Just yesterday we told you how Stefan Erikson, one of the founders of the Gizmondo portable media player and emulation device, had been released from jail. Stefan had served one year after being sentenced to three and convicted for embezzlement. That news story was supposed to be a one-off piece of coverage - momentarily revived interest over a gadget famous only for its failure.

Unfortunately, the Gizmondo is coming back.

A teaser site for the Gizmondo popped up yesterday, claiming that the legend will soon be reborn - but it was mostly dismissed as a hoax. That was, until the story was confirmed.

Eurogamer managed to confirm the story shortly afterwards through an interview with Plextek's technical director, Ian Murphy.

"There are a few things to do, and it will be a while before that happens, but yes, the product has been recovered from the liquidators and we are bringing it back to market," said Murphy.

Murphy confirmed that most of the original team for the Gizmondo are not going to be involved in the project, including Stefan 'Jailbird' Eriksson. Carl Freer however, who was investigated after the company went into liquidation, will remain on the project.

Plextek believes that the Gizmondo, which had an impressive array of features when it launched in 2005 at a price of £229, only failed because it could not be successfully delivered to market. Murphy said that will not happen this time, though he doesn't know when the Gizmondo will launch this year.

Did you buy an original Gizmondo? How do you think the relaunch will fare when pitted against he DS, PSP and a market saturated with PMPs and other abbreviations? Let us know in the forums.
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