Gears of War 2 multiplayer details come out

Written by Tim Smalley

May 29, 2008 | 15:08

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An extensive cover feature and interview with Cliff CliffyB Bleszinski in American gaming mag EGM has uncovered some new details on Gears of War 2, the upcoming sequel to one of the biggest games released on Xbox 360 so far.

The mag says that Gears 2 will now allow for up to ten players in multiplayer deathmatches, and it's possible that there will be AI bots available to fill up not-so-full matches.

There will also be plenty of new weapons introduced in the sequel, with the rapid-firing Gorgon Burst Pistol and the one-use-per-map Scorcher flamethrower being uncovered in the feature.

What's more Bleszinski promises that some of the older weapons will be tweaked, too and, according to the highlights on 1UP, he promises more superweapons as well.

In addition to these changes, EGM reckons there will be more interesting additions to the multiplayer mode – these will include a screenshot capture function that will allow you to play future-war photographer briefly and then upload your creations to a public site where others can vote for them. The mag also speculates that there will be a Halo-style function for saving replays and then uploading them to Xbox Live.

And if you thought that wasn't enough, Bleszinski says that there are more game types – including Wingman, where four teams of two battle against each other, and Meatflag, where you have to capture a member of the opposing team. Multiplayer maps are said to be a mixture of brand new locations and improved old favourites, with both Gridlock and Subway included.

There's almost none of the article online so far, so if you're in the UK and live near a newsagent with a decent selection of imported magazines, you'll want to hunt down a copy of July's EGM to get the full scoop. Are you looking forward to Gears of War 2? Tell us in the forums.
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