Killer Instinct receives Gargos as new playable character

Written by Jake Tucker

May 31, 2016 | 17:46

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The big baddie of the Killer Instinct series, Gargos, has entered the most recent entry into the series as a playable character. Hinted at for some time, Gargos is the sixth new character for the game’s third season, and is now available.

Originally hinted at in the first Killer Instinct game, and the main antagonist of both Killer Instinct 2 and 2013’s Killer Instinct, Gargos is a big ol’ demon with - you guessed it - aspirations of invading the planet and wiping out all life. Fighting game plots, eh?

Gameplay of Gargos has been shown off quite a bit, as well as his secondary costume - titled Retro Gargos - that features him in a clown mask, like an even less subtle Pennywise. He comes with all the perks of being a demon lord and a big baddie: his moves include flying around, opening up portals to punch through and attack at range, and summoning minions to do the dirty work. It’s a hard knock life when you’re invading a planet.

Gargos is available on both Xbox One and PC versions of Killer Instinct now. Two new characters are to be released between June and July, so fans can look forward to that. Check out the Gargos release trailer below.

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