Guild Wars rises to the top...

Written by Tim Smalley

May 6, 2005 | 11:55

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This week's UK PC games sales charts compiled by games press shows NCSoft's new release, Guild Wars, takes over World of Warcraft's top spot on the game charts. Charts at top games etailer,, show that Guild Wars is its number one seller, which further back up the games press figures.

However, the UK is not the only place where Guild Wars has landed on the top spot. The title has also had success across French, Germany and Italian etailers. This is thanks to the unique no-subscription-fees-required policy that NCSoft have implemented into the title. Guild Wars is an MMPORPG that rewards player skill in a rich fantasy game world.

The Sims 2: University and Stronghold 2 have held their places in the top three, while World of Warcraft is relegated to fourth.

Empire Earth II is another new entry, published by Vivendi Universal Games. It's the sequel to Empire Earth,'s PC Game of the year back in 2001, and it's based around a Real-Time Strategy genre.

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