Frog Fractions sequel hits Kickstarter

Written by David Hing

March 11, 2014 | 08:42

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A sequel to anarchic flash game Frog Fractions is in development and developer Twinbeard has launched a Kickstarter requesting $60,000 to fund it.

The original Frog Fractions launched in 2012 disguised as an educational game and was specifically designed by developer Jim Crawford to evoke the sense of mystery and the unknown that video games had before the prevalence of walkthroughs and strategy guides. To describe Frog Fractions in any more detail would be a crime visited upon anyone who had not already played Frog Fractions.

In keeping with the original theme, Crawford's Kickstarter pitch is intentionally vague. Although the sequel has the working title of Frog Fractions 2, he states that not only will this not be the game's name, but he is not going to announce the name until after it has been released and somebody has discovered it.

'Most Kickstarters are very detailed about what you're paying for, but the nature of this one is that you're paying for a surprise,' said Crawford. 'I can't describe what I'm going to make in detail, but I can tell you that I've been thinking about how to properly follow up Frog Fractions for the past year.'

In one of the more inventive release strategies to grace the video game world, even the release date has not been hinted at. Instead, backers to the project will be sent their codes once Frog Fractions 2 has been discovered and 'the jig is up'.

' It will probably be called something like "Lost Kingdom: Reckoning," by Fork Bomb LLC or "Turbo Finance 2015" by Vespenta Holdings. Does that Russian flight sim on Desura look suspicious to you? Better play it just to make sure! Or maybe it'll be a plugin for Bonzi Buddy and you'll discover it when your grandpa asks you to make his email go faster. Wait, are you playing Frog Fractions 2 right now?'

All Crawford has really confirmed is that it will be larger in scope than the original flash game and contain multiple secrets that take several play sessions to uncover. He also confirms that the $60,000 is intended to pay rent for 18 months which is how long he expects the project to take.

The stretch goals attached to the project are equally misleading including Andre Felipe to be included as a playable character at both the $100,000 and $250,000 tiers, Rock Band microphone support for $120,000 and for $320,000, Jim Crawford will learn the true meaning of friendship through making this game.
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