FragDolls strut into the UK

Written by Wil Harris

September 6, 2005 | 13:26

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Ready to get whipped by a female gamer? Chances are, if you're a US citizen, you've already been exposed to the charming gamers from clan PMS or the FragDolls.

As we reported last month, gamers from Girlz of Destruction took the top prizes at QuakeCon this year. This writer also hooked up with the delightful FragDolls back at CES in January.

Well, what with professional gaming really starting to take off, it seems the FragDolls have decided that a UK division would be an ample asset to their team.

The FragDolls are a bunch of female gamers who aim to challenge the traditional stereotypes of video gaming - that is, that we're all teenage, male nerds with no lives. By bringing glamour and just a hint of sex appeal, the hope is that they can not only attract great publicity and maybe even a whiff of cash, they can also help take videogaming to the masses - and that includes girls.

And along the way, strike some blows for sexual equality and get recognised as being amongst the best gamers in the world. Not a bad idea, don't you think?

Which is perhaps why the publisher of Splinter Cell and Far Cry, Ubisoft, has whacked some Dollars (well, Pounds in this case) behind the FragDolls. We can represent Ubisoft's thoughts by this simple statement:
    $FragDolls = Cool
    $FragDolls.Sponsor = Cool

So, by putting some money up to get the UK FragDolls kicking arse and wearing bras they get to look uber-hip. And with Xbox 360 soon approaching and Ubi with new games on the way (Far Cry Instincts is due for Xbox, and a new Ghost Recon is due for the 360), now is a good time to be looking hip.

The UK FragDolls are (left to right, below) Lucky, Jam, Voodoo, Kitt and Sarin - how does she expect to travel the world gaming with a name like that?

Their precise areas of expertise are yet to be revealed, but if we were to take rough guess from the picture, we'd think they're more console gamers than PC players. That's certainly true of the US FragDolls, who we know from personal experience are well into their Master Chief.

You can check out their soon-to-be-released website over at or hit up their official messageboard here. Give us your thoughts on pro gaming and all-girl clans in our own forum thread.

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