Flash improves Battlefield 2 performance

Written by Wil Harris

March 8, 2006 | 03:41

Tags: #battlefield-2 #flash #load #map #robson

We saw a very quick demo of Battlefield 2 being played on Intel's Conroe chip, today. It was also hooked up to the Robson flash drive technology we talked about earlier.

We watched a quick demo of two gamers loading up a Battlefield 2 map. Anyone who's played Battlefield 2 knows that it takes an absolute age to go from 'Enter map', through 'Verifying data' all the way to frag-o-matic.

With Robson working, and what was called 'Intel's special sauce' (leading to quips amongst the audience of 'Intel wants to feed gamers its special sauce'), the load times for a Battlefield 2 were cut, roughly in half.

This led to an amusing demo where the chap playing on the Conroe system was in the map, had grabbed a plane and was able to frag his opponent with a hail of missile fire just as the poor chap was spawning.

It seems that the flash drive technology Intel is working on could really have a decent effect on load times, which have been stagnantly slow for such a long time, despite the introduction of faster SATA speeds.

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