Female Spartan is the DoA 4 Halo character

Written by Wil Harris

October 24, 2005 | 09:52

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A few weeks back now, we reported on the story that a character from the Halo universe will be playable in the Xbox 360 beat-em-up, Dead or Alive 4.

Our original story is here.

Well, today we have confirmation of which character it's going to be. It's not Master Chief, it's not the Arbiter, it's not Cortana or Guilty Spark...

... It's a female Spartan.

Fans of the Halo universe will know that Master Chief is 'the last Spartan', the Spartans being a breed of warriors who are almost done for. The appearance of a female Spartan is rather surprising - especially considering that Bungie have said that the appearance of the character in DoA4 will be reconciled with the existing Halo mythology.

Anyway, regardless of the ifs and buts, there are some pictures of the Spartan in action over at Xboxyde. The shots show off the new engine that Tecmo have for DoA4 on the Xbox 360 - frankly, we don't think it looks a whole lot better than the original Xbox version. A little disappointing, we think.

With that said, if the female Spartan has realistically jiggly chest armour, like the rest of the DoA girls, we might be able to forgive them.

What do you make of the screenshots - underwhelming, or looking awesome? Tell us in the Forum.
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