FEAR multiplayer demo coming soon

Written by Wil Harris

September 19, 2005 | 14:53

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There is a new demo coming for top shooter F.E.A.R. The demo will be multiplayer, and will endeavour to convince those who haven't played the singleplayer demo to death that the game is worth buying. Yes, that's both of you.

The multiplayer aspect includes some of the awesome slow-motion effect that we loved in the first demo - quite exactly how this will work when considering the other players and their times we're not quite sure. It also includes the awesome nailgun to nail your friends to the wall - awesome stuff, according to the chaps at Eurogamer.

The EG chaps also have a heads up on the European release of the game, which includes some of the same extra bits and bobs that the US version has confirmed:

There's also an extra DVD bundled with the European version, including some of the bits found in the US "Director's Cut". These include a behind the scenes documentary, a roundtable commentary video, a live action prequel movie (no idea, but Uwe Boll hasn't been mentioned so it's probably not too terrifying), and a Machinima movies series.

Machinima? Sweeeeet.

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