ELSPA claims BBFC downgraded 22 adult-rated games

Written by Tim Smalley

November 21, 2008 | 12:47

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In a report released by the ELSPA, the company claims that the BBFC downgraded 22 adult titles that were given an 18 rating by PEGI. This follows recent criticism targetted at the BBFC for being too harsh with games ratings.

"The BBFC's downgrading of games opens up the potential of unnecessary risk for UK children and teenagers when playing games against other non-UK players online," ELSPA said.

"Last year, of the 50 games that PEGI rated 18+ and passed to the BBFC for classificiation, the film rating board downgraded 22 of them - almost 50 percent."

Not surprisingly, BBFC spokesperspon David Cooke was quick to dismiss ELSPA's criticism and pointed out that it takes cultural factors into account - something that PEGI's Europe-wide ratings scheme cannot do.

Cooke pointed out that BBFC consults the British public "very widely" when it revises its guidelines.

What do you think to the rival ratings systems - do they adequately protect minors from unsuitable content? Also do you think it's good that BBFC takes British culture into account or should there be a ratings system that encompasses all corners of the world? Discuss in the forums.
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