Elite: Dangerous priced and available for pre-order

Written by David Hing

September 17, 2014 | 18:01

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Crowd-funded space-flight-sim Elite: Dangerous has been priced and made available for pre-order.

David Braben’s modern update on the ground breaking Elite can be pre-ordered for £35 and is listed as coming this year. No exact release date has been confirmed.

Elite: Dangerous - Mercenary Edition is only available to those pre-ordering and will give players a digital download of the game, a special Eagle fighter ship docked in a location in the game for players and a digital players guide and concept art book.

Extra ship decoration options will also be granted with an exclusive pack of ship paint options and a ‘day one’ ship decal that will be unlocked with the game’s launch. Additionally, more as-yet unspecified digital incentives will be added in the near future.

At present, Elite: Dangerous is in beta and anyone wanting to test the game out already can join the beta for £50. Buying in to the beta will also award players the Mercenary Edition of the game at launch.

Elite: Dangerous found crowdfunding success to the tune of £1.5m on Kickstarter and along with Star Citizen’s £33m in funds has proved to the industry that there is still very much a market for space-based flight sims.

Although currently being developed for PC and Mac, Braben has stated that he is keen to bring Elite: Dangerous to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, telling Eurogamer that the team would be ‘stupid not to’.
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