EA profits from PS2 most of all

Written by Joe Martin

February 6, 2008 | 10:24

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Electronic Arts has revealed it's fiscal results for Q3 of last year, which was arguably one of the best times that gamers have ever seen thanks to a load of first class game releases, and has oddly revealed that it makes the most money not from next-gen systems, but from the PlayStation 2.

Check below for the full breakdown of revenue earned per platform.

PlayStation 2: $301 million
Xbox 360: $196 million
PC: $148 million
Nintendo Wii: $139 million
Nintendo DS: $122 million
PlayStation 3: $102 million
PlayStation Portable: $74 million
Mobile: $38 million
Xbox: $3 million
Game Boy Advance: $2 million
GameCube: $1 million

It should be noted that the list above also includes co-partnered deals, according to Kotaku. That means that the revenue includes that earned from games like Crysis, Rock Band and The Orange Box - which earned a total of $320 million on their own.

One thing we would like to point out though - EA is also claiming that it only made four new, in-house PC games last quarter, yet it managed to earn $148 million from them. Take that, Mr. Fourteen Percent!

Which platform do you play on the most and which do you spend the most money on? Let us know in the forums.
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