EA: No Spore demo, but expansions planned

Written by Joe Martin

August 18, 2008 | 10:24

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Electronic Arts executive producer Lucy Bradshaw has confirmed that they'll be no proper demo for EA Maxis' Spore, but has revealed more information on the planned expansions to the game.

"We're not planning a demo of the game. Just the Creature Creator," said Lucy in an interview with Eurogamer. EA has however made early prototype version of the game available for download to showcase the development of the project.

Lucy confirmed the previous comments made by Spore producer Tommy Vu that expansions to Spore will not be traditional extra-content packs, but will instead consist of extra editors and tools for use in the game.

"When we started Spore, we were thinking about how we'd make an engine that had the possibility of expansion, so yes, we'll add to the experience," she said.

"I think, however, we have a very cool opportunity to take Spore in a few different directions too. The editors are so cool and fun, that we want to advance those as well as the gameplay that we put into the core game."

One such future expansion that Bradshaw could detail was the Flora Creator, which will let players invent their own types of margarine plants to populate their worlds with.

Lucy also spoke briefly about the copy protection used in the game.

"We do have copy protection, it is a necessary part of our biz, but we've worked to make it something that does not punish the legit owners. You need to authenticate once at the first install. This happens online. You can install on three separate computers and you do need to register for the online features."

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