DS Demo Channel released for Japanese Wiis

Written by Joe Martin

November 28, 2007 | 07:27

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Nintendo is one of the big grandfathers of modern gaming and, like any other grandparent, it has a favourite grandchild. Grandparents always deny that kind of stuff but it's true and, just for the record, your grandparents always told me that they preferred your sister over you.

Nintendo’s favourite however is, and always will be, Japan. The Japanese get all the best goodies from the father of Italian Plumbing, including a brand new channel for the Nintendo Wii. Lucky sods.

The new channel is part of the new Everyone's Nintendo Channel and lets gamers download demos from the Wii to DS remotely via the in-built WiFi on both systems. It's a pity the name isn't very clear though, eh?

The new channel doesn't end there though and there's a load of new Wii trailers in there. There's also the questionnaire-shaped excitement which can only be produced by a customer feedback form that offers stat-tracking.

All of the above is available for free download provided you've got your Wii hooked up online and that you live in Japan. If you don't then it's time to consider moving because there's currently no announcement from Nintendo about when American or European audiences can expect to get their fill of old Phantom Hourglass trailers.

What do you reckon to the various channels and virtual console releases on the Wii? What's your favourite DS game ever? Let us know in the forums.
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