Like Counter-Strike, which received a make-over using Half-Life 2's gorgeous Source Engine, the popular Day of Defeat mod is being given a digital facelift with new models, textures, improved lighting and updated levels.

The game is due for release later this summer, and Valve have released two new screenshots to whet gamers' appetites. There is also an update on the development progress via the Steam news bulletin:

Play-testing Day of Defeat: Source has taken over the Valve offices. We're expecting DoD fans and new players alike to have a blast with the game when it's released later this summer. Polishing work is being done right now on the player animations, as well as lighting work on the various maps. Current favourite features include the new grenade stun effect, and the ability to deploy the machine gun on any surface.

In other news, work on Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is close to completion and the free level will be made available to Half-Life 2 owners via Steam "soon" according to Valve.

If you recall, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is a hardcore technology showcase, designed to push today's highest-spec systems to their limit. Designers were given carte blanche to use the highest fidelity assets and are using this opportunity to introduce HDR rendering technology to the Source Engine; it will later be rolled out to other titles using Source, including presumably Day of Defeat, though that cannot be confirmed at time of print.

If you need a crash course in HDR rendering, we recently wrote a guide detailing all the eye-candy Valve are adding with Lost Coast. To add to the intruige, Valve have revealed plans to included "a bit of extra content with Lost Coast, which we haven't mentioned yet..."

It is unknown at this point what this extra content could be, but in this modern world of mediocre film tie-ins and endless sequels trying to squeeze yet more cash out of gamers, Valve stands out as one of the few developers who recognise their roots and constantly add value to their games through updates and extras.

For DoD fans who can't wait for D-Day, here are those new screenshots - click for larger versions.

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