Disney offering up IP portfolio for healthy living project developers

Written by David Hing

March 10, 2015 | 12:01

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Disney is offering up use of its entire portfolio of intellectual property to developers and companies that want to work on a healthy living project.

Disney has teamed up with non-profit Creative England in order to launch a scheme which aims to 'create innovative technology to help families lead healthier lives'. The initiative is looking for a single project that fulfils this criteria and has opened its doors to pitches.

Companies that want to take part in the initiative must be based in England, but outside of Greater London, and to qualify the project must be deemed to encourage families to be 'more actively engaged in their own wellbeing'.

Ideas that are given as examples that Creative England and Disney will consider include browser tools, mobile apps, short form video series, wearable tech, smart materials and games.

As well as access to Disney's IP, the initiative will be able to invest up to £95,000 in a company's project, with £15,000 available through three proof of concept grants of £5,000 each and then a further £80,000 after a successful pitch process. The £80,000 grant will only be awarded to one project and this grant will be repaid based on a revenue share model.

Applicants to the program have until April 20 to submit a pitch.
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