Diablo II PSP?

Written by Wil Harris

July 19, 2005 | 15:41

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We reported a while back that Blizzard was quite possibly working on Diablo 3. Well, now it seems that that isn't the only new Diablo title they're working on.

Got a huge commute? Could you happily spend all those Diablo hours playing through a PSP version?

That's the question Blizzard are asking, according to Eurogamer. The team are looking for interest in handheld versions of the game for DS and PSP, and are also evaluating Starcraft on the DS.

Whilst the report mentions the conversion of Diablo 2, it'd be hard not to imagine that there will be a little bit of bonus content to sweeten the purchase.

We have a feeling that spending hours on end fiddling with the digital pad on the PSP could be a little much even for hardened Diablo fans - without a keyboard and mouse, things might get tricky.

But hey, new Diablo - who are we to complain?

Do you get a party in your pants at the idea of a PSP version of Diablo? Share your enthusiasm with us.
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