De_Dust creator chronicles genesis

Written by Wil Harris

January 3, 2006 | 19:35

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The creator of de_dust, David Johnston, has a fascinating blog post online which gives an insight into how he came to create the map.

Dust is, statistically, the most-played multiplayer map in the world, being the most popular map on the most popular online game. Johnston reveals how his inspiration for the map came from some screenshots of Team Fortress 2, the Valve game that never was. The original name for the map was 'Destiny'.

There's also some great commentary on how the map changed through the beta releases of CS, and how the map almost took a monumental gameplay turn in 1.1. Here's a quick quote:

"Perhaps the change I made to Dust which upset/overjoyed the largest number of players was in BETA 6.1. I had been playing with the timing - when each of the teams would meet in the middle, and who would reach the main bomb site first. At that time I felt that the CTs were perhaps a little overpowered by the Terrorists, who could easily rush the primary bomb site, plant the bomb, and win. To counter this, I moved the CT spawn positions closer to the centre of the map - a distance which, when running, took about 2 seconds to cover - so the CTs would arrive at the hallway 2 seconds earlier than before."

If you're a player of CS, you absolutely have to go and check out this article, you'll find it thoroughly insightful. When you're done, why not let us know what you think over in the forums?
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