Crytek: Crysis for consoles is possible

Written by Joe Martin

August 1, 2007 | 11:13

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We've seen a lot of good-looking games in the last few months, a lot of which are aimed heavily at a PC audience. World in Conflict, Bioshock and Project Offset just to name a few.

Still, there's one game which is standing head and shoulders above the rest - the PC exclusive, juggernaut of gorgeous that is Crysis.

However, in a retraction of previous statements, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has told CVG that Crysis could soon see a port to next-gen consoles.

Although Yerli had previously said that consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 may not be able to handle a game like Crysis, Cevat is now on the record as saying that the game may be available to our joypad-wielding brethren too. Honestly, we're a little disappointed that we may have to share Crysis with console gamers - we kind of hope we'd get to keep hold of Crysis as a PC-only game.

CVG later added an update to the story as Yerli wanted to give himself a way to backtrack out of a potentially sticky mess and explained that the PC version is still a definite focus for the game.

"It requires optimization, that's what we've always communicated. What you would not do is make Crysis on PS3, 360 and PC for a single shipping date, because we would lose the quality focus."

Which version would you rather play, given the chance? Console or PC? Why is it that the console gamers get all the good exclusive games, but nobody wants to make a PC only title anymore? Discuss these and other important things in the forums!
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