Computers can predict your pwnage

Written by Joe Martin

September 3, 2007 | 10:55

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A.I is one of the areas where gaming technology has really pushed forward in recent years, letting us leap forward from the mindless charging of enemies in Doom to the mindless charging of many more enemies in games like Serious Sam.

Oh, and slotting in somewhere between the two were games like Thief, Far Cry and F.E.A.R all of which gave enemies additional abilities and intelligence, letting bad guys suddenly become capable of flanking, searching and lobbing grenades to flush out stealthy players.

So, it's hardly surprising that artificial intelligence has taken another leap forward. What is surprising though is that computers are now capable of predicting the future actions of players by measuring heart rates and skin conductance.

According to The Raw Feed a new study by Laszulo Laufer and Bottyan Nemeth, a pair of Hungarian scientists from Budapest University, has allowed computer opponents to do just that though.

The study involved getting human guinea pigs to play a simple game and measuring their cute little heart rates and skin conductance. Them after "utilizing neural networks to analyze the biofeedback signals and input records," the data showed that the actions of players could be accurately predicted up to two seconds before they occurred.

The study doesn't go into much detail about how the technology may be used in actual gaming, but it would certainly make things interesting if the technology could be integrated into a game of Counterstrike: Source - nobody would be able to cry 'hacks' anymore without pre-emptively being told off.

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