City of Heroes winners announced

Written by Joe Martin

July 3, 2007 | 10:40

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That's it, folks - it's all over. Our City of Heroes competition is now officially closed.

In conjunction with NCSoft, we offered readers the chance to win a load of prizes including copies of the game, t-shirts and limited edition goodies to celebrate the release of the new expansion for the super-powered hit MMORPG.

The question we put to you was simple enough; If you could have one super-power, what would it be and what would you use it for? We received loads of entries which ranged from the lewd and crude to the thoughtful and useless. We had to pick out five winners though, so hear are out choices.

In runner-up position were the following entries, each of whom win a copy of the City of Heroes and Villains combined edition and a Hero Statesman figurine;

"My superpower would be the ability to resonate at the frequency of any object. So I could make my hand resonate and the frequency of a wall/person/whatever and it would fall apart. Leaving me unharmed of course." (from Spacecowboy92

"I would have health-regenerative powers and I would take Extreme Sports to The Extreme, and also be able to customise cases with little fear of cutting myself!" (From Tibby)

"The ability to control atoms ... or in other words create anything with the power of my mind, so if anyone bothers me I could do some crazy shit like turning their chair into a turd, or create an uber-sword to impale them with!" (From Dire_Wolf)

"If I could have a superpower my choice, I'd have the power to morph my hands into different things such as dremels and screwdrivers. Why? It'd be REALLY when you "need" to fix something, or just mod something." (From Jokkocze)

In first place however, winning a copy of the game, a t-shirt, posters, two character statues and lots more heroic goodies is Jazzle, who may actually have super-powers already it seems...

"My superpower would be the ability to change the law of statistics so that I always win."

Congratulations to the winners - to whom prizes are currently on there way - and commiserations to the losers. If you want to pass on your congratulations, or just speculate about what will happen in season two of Heroes, then hope into our forums.
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