Chex Quest 3 Released

Written by Joe Martin

September 12, 2008 | 09:54

Tags: #doom

Companies: #chex #mod

Chex Quest 3, the third chapter in the popular cereal-based Doom conversion, has been released after a ten year gap, adding another chapter to the popular series of cereal-based games.

Chex Quest, for those not in the know, is significant for a number of reasons and was the first computer game ever to be distributed in cereal boxes when it was first given away with boxes of Chex in 1997. The popularity of the game, which is actually a well-designed total conversion for Ultimate Doom helped to further secure the legacy of Doom as well as increase sales for the cereal as the game became a cult hit.

Chex Quest 3 has been put together by the original artist behind the game, Charles Jacobi, and is based on an improved version of the Doom engine; ZDoom.

You can download Chex Quest 3, which plays as a standalone game and includes the first two Chex Quest titles, by clicking here.

The game is in fact worth playing for the story itself, which sees players battling across the surface of the Bazoik planet and trying to defeat the evil race of Flemoids - slimy creatures which are invading the world!

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