Chaos Reborn Kickstarter launches

Written by David Hing

March 18, 2014 | 08:46

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A Kickstarter campaign for Chaos Reborn, a follow up to ZX Spectrum classic Chaos: The Battle of Wizards, has been launched.

The pitch has been made by designer of the original turn-based wizardry game Julian Gollop. Gollop also designed the original XCOM: UFO Defense.

Chaos Reborn will be playable by between two to six players, will feature procedurally generated arenas and will ship with a single player campaign as well as online multiplayer modes.

'Chaos Reborn is part sequel, part re-imagining of that original game brought up-to-date with high quality presentation,' said Gollop. 'It is highly tactical and fast paced.'

The team currently has a working online multiplayer prototype with approximately one third of the spells that are intended for the full release and the majority of the graphics are place holders with limited animations. The game is expected to be finished in 2015.

The campaign is seeking $180,000 in funding and currently has just over $48,000 with 30 days left to go. No stretch goals have been listed and the funds will be used to put Gollop's team to work on the project full time and pick up the pace on production. Gollop has spent about a year so far working on the game.

The original Chaos: The Battle of Wizards was released in 1985 and published by Games Workshop. Critical reception has led to the game being considered one of the best games available for the ZX Spectrum.
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