Bye bye, Lik-Sang...

Written by Brett Thomas

October 24, 2006 | 16:38

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Just a short note that is as much an obituary as it is a news bite:

A few days ago, we reported on the victory handed to Sony in a London court over importer Lik-Sang. The suit was based on the import/export of the PSP from Japan to the EU, which Sony claimed was directly in violation of its marketing "tactics" of a staggered release.

Many of our readers were rather upset to hear about that, so you'll be further upset by this - Apparently, Lik-Sang was unable to survive the Sony legal onslaught, and has been shut down. Even before any damages were assigned, the legal fees have simply bled the company dry.

Sony has, of course, declined to comment on the closing. However, the company did elucidate its "reasoning" further as to why it pursued the suit with such zeal, stating that it was for "consumer safety" as much as anything since Japan uses different electricity feeds than the EU (100V, 50-60Hz instead of 230V, 50Hz). Of course, Lik-Sang did indeed ship the units with genuine Sony EU power adapters. Maybe that's why they were concerned?

For those of you who have already purchased a PS3 or other unshipped item from Lik-Sang, the company has promised to get refunds back to consumers as quickly as possible. All orders, however, are officially cancelled - even non-PS3 related ones.

Though I normally like to add a little bit of editorial to the end of news like this, I think my views will be best saved for an upcoming look at imports in general. In the meantime, feel free to rant your own heart away in our forums.

Thanks to forumite themax for posting this in our other thread and bringing it to our attention.
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