Bungie confirms MMO project

Written by Joe Martin

March 4, 2011 | 10:24

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Speaking at the Game Developers Conference out in San Francisco, Bungie's lead network engineer has confirmed that the developer's current project is an MMO action game.

The project will not be as simple as 'WoW in space' however, said David Aldridge, according to IGN.

Aldridge's comments come in response to rumours that the MMO is planned as a FPS-MMO, called Destiny. Destiny was said to introduce an entirely new engine and include PvP matchmaking, with rumour-mongers labelling it as 'WoW in space'.

Whatever the MMO turns out to be, it'll be published by Activision as part of Bungie's 10 year deal with the company after it split from Microsoft.

'We're really embarking on something that will be a significant undertaking for the studio that will involve multiple games set inside this brand new IP and universe,' Bungie's Brian Jarrard said at the time.

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