Brett Ratner wants to make Guitar Hero Movie

Written by Joe Martin

September 16, 2008 | 10:59

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It's a general rule of thumb that games and films do not mix, though some could arguably go better together than others. The Doom movie? Not too bad. Silent Hill? Pretty OK. Pirates of The Carribean? As close to a Monkey Island movie as we'll ever get, probably.

A Guitar Hero movie though? Frankly, we just don't see that working.

That hasn't stopped Brett Ratner, director of X3: The Last Stand pursuing the idea though and the Hollywood director has been pressurising Activision heavily to let him make a film recently. We bet his plan involves Jack Black, some school kids and a watered-down version of a real rock and roll lifestyle - are we too cynical?

"I'd really like to do it, but they [Activsion] are not letting me...I expressed my interest, but because it's such a success, it's like now there's no reason to make a movie about it," Ratner told EW.

Thank Zeus for that then that Activision doesn't want to go down that route just yet and is blocking any attempt to adapt the game into a film.

The bad news though is that Activision does have plans for the Guitar Hero series and is looking to expand the series massively. According to a recent Activision conference call, the games publisher is hoping to triple the number of Guitar Hero games released by 2010. Has nobody warned them about partying too hard?

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