Bounty Bay Online winners announced

Written by Joe Martin

September 19, 2007 | 11:34

Tags: #competition #pirate #winner

Ok - put down your cutlass and wench, International Talk Like A Pirate Day may be a go but our Bounty Bay Online competition is now officially over.

For those of you who didn't enter and will thus be forced to walk that thar plank, we shall first recap!

We had three full copies of the pirate-themed MMO, Bounty Bay Online, to give away along with a whopping fifty account keys for two-weeks of free gameplay for some lucky runners up. All we asked in return is that you tell us the secret pirate name you've wanted since childhood.

Now, with the competition closed, it's time to announce the winners once and for all!

Our first winner, bagging himself a full copy of the game as loot, is Alex Manktelow, who has secretly harboured a life-long wish to be known as Captain Skankletoes.

Next in line is Ivan Lynn, who wasn't afraid to admit that he should always wished his birth name had been Captain Stinky Fingers, apparently for "obvious reasons". Moving swiftly on...

Our favourite entry by far however was from Tommy Giovannelli, who made even our most hardcore PC case modder chuckle with his piratey name of Captain Long-Mod Dremel Beard because, yes, a Dremel beard would be truly, truly awesome.

As for all you runners up - you need not worry. There's a tad too many of you for our lazy fingers to talk about (it was a late, grog-filled evening last night), but we'll be contacting you all directly over the next few hours and sending you the codes you'll need.

In the meantime, feel free to congratulate the winners or moan about your bad luck in the forums!
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