Blizzard thinking about a new MMO

Written by Joe Martin

August 29, 2007 | 10:59

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I'll be honest with you here - I am possibly the only man on the planet who hasn't ever played World of Warcraft. It's not because I don't like Blizzard or MMORPGs, or even that think its a bad game. Those things are all ancillary to the real reason and the truth is that WoW scares me to my quivering, geeky core.

I'm a competitive person when it comes to computer games, you see. I can willingly lose in any sport or activity I'm forced to try my hand at, but when the action is virtual then I'll discard my real-life commitments and plunge myself deeply into the process of being the best or most knowledgeable at whatever game I happen to playing. I have to complete games fully wherever possible but with a game like WoW it's very possible that I'd die before I'd get anywhere close.

So, you can imagine the extent of my seat-staining when I found out that Blizzard were now thinking of making a new MMO.

WoW's lead designer, Jeffrey Kaplan, dropped the first hints over at CVG. Though he stressed that Blizzard doesn't have "anything official" to announce on the topic just yet, he did say:

"As far was working on another MMO project or a WoW 2, obviously as a company we'd be very interested in further exploring the MMO space."

True, it's as bland and throwaway a comment as we may expect at this point but it already has the Warcrack addicts panting and screaming for more of the precious MMO/narcotic.

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