Blizzard dabbling with Diablo 3 microtransactions

Written by David Hing

February 24, 2015 | 12:53

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Blizzard will be dabbling with microtransactions in action RPG Diablo 3.

Version 2.2.0 of the isometric hack-and-click RPG will introduce a new paid-for currency, Platinum, for players outside of America.

The patch also introduces new items to be bought including timed experience boosts, new cosmetic character items and possibly stash space and character slot expansions. The cosmetic character items include wings, character portraits and non-combat pets.

'We recognize that many players have expressed an interest in microtransactions being added to Diablo 3,' said Blizzard community manager Stephanie Johnson 'While we may explore this model in some regions, we have no immediate plans to implement such purchases or the aforementioned features anytime soon for the Americas region.'

The update will include a new UI interface to support the new additions to the game. Diablo 3's next patch will also includie three new sets of legendary armour, new legednaray item powers and three extra types of treasure goblins.

Blizzard is no stranger to microtransactions and has introduced a highly successful digital items store for World of Warcraft that sells vanity mounts and non-combat pets.

Diablo 3 itself started off life with the controversial real money auction house where players could buy in-game items for a small amount of real world money. The real-money auction houses were however shut down in March 2014 after key developers decided that their existence was negatively impacting the enjoyment of the game.
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