BioWare considering Mass Effect DS

Written by Joe Martin

August 11, 2008 | 09:58

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BioWare is currently considering making DS remakes of several recent games, including Mass Effect and Jade Empire, as well as the as-yet-unreleased Dragon Age and some other unannounced titles.

Speaking to Eurogamer Germany, Miles Holmes said that the developer was searching for any chance to reinforce the franchises.

"I tell you which one I would want. I want the Mass Effect one," said Holmes.

"We have a lot of big plans for Mass Effect. Having a DS version would be an awesome way to keep interest alive and keep it going in addition to Mass Effect 2."

Holmes is currently working as the Lead Designer for BioWare's Sonic Chronicles, the only DS project the developer is confirmed to be working on and which BioWare started developing before being bought out by EA. The game is out on the 26th of September and Holmes is keen to use the game as a launchpad for future BioWare titles on the DS.

BioWare could also be looking at PSP and Wii development as previous comments indicate that the developer is eager to reach more markets outside of hardcore RPG PC gamers.

What do you think of Mass Effect being ported to the DS? Check out our Mass Effect reviews on the Xbox 360 and PC, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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