BioShock downloadable content on the way?

Written by Joe Martin

October 18, 2007 | 09:46

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BioShock was an awesome game, but there were two inherent flaws in its design. The first was that the vita-life chambers removed any sort of challenge from the game and made it feel like walking through a world made of nerf foam and bubble-bath.

The second flaw was in the replayability; once the game was finished, there wasn’t much cause to play it again other than to get the second ending.

Downloadable content could help fix that though by giving an expansion to the plot, level set or plasmid selection. It’s something Ken Levine, lead designer on the game, is keen on too.

In a recent interview with Games For Windows magazine, via, Levine says he’d be interested in using downloadable content to expand BioShock as long as he could figure out a good way to do it.

"Diablo II, to me, was a great model for an expansion, because it enhanced the original game, but also extended the game, too. I'm not a really big fan of expanding things just by linearly adding to the experience, adding a new campaign, as much as I am of enhancing the original experience and adding replayability to that experience," Said Levine in the interview.

"I think that certainly BioShock's combat experience is great, but it could be broader. I'm a little more confused as far as how to expand the narrative experience."

Levine has admitted before that a lot of the game, which was originally set in a WWII bunker, was cut out during development and that a lot of plasmids were scrapped. Could it be we’ll be seeing a host of new weapons, or perhaps a new set of levels to be spliced in to the existing set?

If you’ve got an idea on how to expand the BioShock story or want to suggest a specific plasmid, drop it in our forums and see what everyone else thinks.
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