Bethesda makes map for Portal

Written by Tim Smalley

November 6, 2007 | 15:48

Tags: #custom #designer #level #map #portal

Companies: #bethesda #valve

Bethesda Softworks, the developer behind the Elder Scrolls series, has made its own map for Valve's hugely innovative Portal after being so infatuated with the title.

According to Eurogamer, Bethesda level designer Daryl Brigner was responsible for creating the map, which is currently up to version 1.2 after a few tweaks have been made.

The map is available for the PC version of Portal only and you can download it over at TWHL.

To install it, you simply need to download it and then unzip the files into the 'maps' folder where you've installed Portal. Once you enter the game, if you click the 'Bonus Maps' tab, there should be a new option 'maps/RenTests' - this is where you'll find the maps you've just downloaded.

Judging by the comments on TWHL, the puzzle is incredibly difficult and some said they just gave up, even despite saying that it's enjoyable and very creative. Let us know how you get on over in the forums.
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