Battlefield Heroes to have just two maps

Written by Joe Martin

April 2, 2008 | 13:50

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The producer of the upcoming freebie game in the long-running Battlefield franchise, Battlefield Heroes, has revealed that the game will launch with just two maps for players to wage war in.

Though the game, which is being developed by DICE, is still being planned as an utterly free-to-play game which will generate profit through micro-transactions the developers still aren't trying to create a huge selection of playing fields.

"We bust our asses making 50 maps, and then within six months of the game being released, everyone's playing two maps. The two best maps," said producer Ben Cousins to Gamasutra "So, we just decided to make just the two best maps, and not the other kind of maps."

Um, I guess that makes sense. Those maps better be 25x as good though!

Speaking about why DICE was taking such a radical risk with a diminutive, cel-shaded and free-to-play shooter in an established franchise, Ben said that the developer was really just experimenting.

"If you look at what's happened in South Korea over the recent years, there's this new business model which has cropped up, which is games which are free-to-play, but where a certain proportion of the audience buy items...we just thought, 'Well, let's just try this. We've got an existing engine, we could probably do it with a pretty small team; let's just experiment.'"

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