Auto Assault goes open beta for the weekend

Written by Wil Harris

March 13, 2006 | 17:07

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If you're a MMO enthusiast in Europe, you could be in for a treat this weekend.

Auto Assault, the next massively multiplayer game from NCSoft, is going to be out in a few months, but you can get on an open beta weekend if you sign up in advance before Saturday.

NCSoft, you will surely know, also make Guild Wars and City of Heroes / Villains.

Auto Assault is set in a futuristic universe and is combat-based. You play as one of a number of races, and your job is to go around in your car, blowing up other people and completing missions. Missions equal dollars, dollars equal car upgrades. NCSoft has finally added a much-requested feature from its other MMOs, a home base that persists. This means you can set up camp in your own little private space in the world.

You can head over to the Auto Assault site to register here. Pre-orders for the game are starting on the 17th of this month, and if you get your order in early, you get a bunch of bonuses - including an exlusive weapon and access to the final servers ahead of the general public.

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