Assassin's Creed glitchy on PS3?

December 5, 2007 | 14:40

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Ubisoft's new medieval-stroke-futuristic 'murder simulator' (with apologies to Jack Thompson) may be getting a certain amount of flak from critics as being lacking in the gameplay department, but is it actually broken? Gamers who've purchased the PS3 release certainly think so.

The game features the lead character Altair leaping from building to building as he tracks his quarry in supposedly-realistic recreations of ancient cities like Jerusalem and Acre, but it seems that he may have more tricks than his wrist-blade hiding up his sleeve. Reports are circulating around the 'net of his amazing ability to hover in mid air and to stop his horse on a sixpence – but only if you splash out for the PlayStation 3 release of the game.

As can be seen in this video by YouTube user, themikepotter, the bug appears to cause Altair's animation to literally freeze – even if he's in the middle of the air or galloping along the ground. Mike isn't alone, either. This problem has resulted in plenty of PS3 owners whipping out their cameras and uploading the footage to sites like YouTube, but so far nothing from Xbox 360 gamers.

Coming as it does so soon after the rumour-storm of Valve's The Orange Box being broken on the PS3, I'm sure that fan-boys on Microsoft's side of the fence will be giggling into their Master Chief helmets.

Although it was claimed by some that the new PS3 2.01 firmware solved the bug, users are still reporting problems even with the latest firmware installed.

Rumours that Ubisoft has quietly released a patch to fix the bug are currently unverified, with some users claiming that they have yet to encounter the problem and others saying the patch didn't help. Another theory doing the rounds is that it only affects the game when in 1080i or 1080p mode; dropping to 720p may solve the issue.

Having been playing the Xbox 360 version since release I can report first-hand that I've had no freezing glitches, although at one point a set of guards did decide to stand completely stock-still and ignore me during a fight to save a citizen. Hey, perhaps my scholarly disguise was so good they could ignore the whacking great sword I was swinging at their colleagues.

Do you own the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed? Have you encountered this glitch? Let us know in the forums.
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