Snow ruins Battlefield, Army of Two announcement

Written by Joe Martin

February 3, 2009 | 11:19

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It snowed yesterday and, while that was very fun and everything, it did cause a few problems for a few people. None of the staff could get into the office for example, and an Electronic Arts press event Joe was supposed to be attending got cancelled completely.

A press event which promised to be most exciting too, with information about three new Need for Speed games, as well as a brand new, unannounced and console-only game from DICE, among other things.

Unfortunately though, the event got completely cancelled as not even the EA staff were able to make it to Electronic Arts HQ - though that hasn't stopped the rumours slipping out.

According to VG247 the projects that would have been announced would have been a brand new Army of Two sequel, possibly titled Army of Three, as well as a new Battlefield game from DICE. What DICE's next project is exactly is the topic of much speculation, with some circles sure it'll be the confirmed Mirror's Edge 2, while others expect a sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company - another console only game from the developer.

Electronic Arts has refused to confirm or deny any of the rumours however and is still hoping that the press event can be rescheduled in the future - but given that it's just started snowing again that doesn't seem all that likely.

We'll keep you updated on the announcements and be sure to bring you all the info we can when we do finally manage to burrow our way over to EA, but in the mean time you can share your own speculation and snow stories in the forums.
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