iPhone dev Tapulous makes $1 million a month

Written by Joe Martin

December 24, 2009 | 09:55

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The fact that the iPhone can be a very profitable platform for some lucky, small developers isn't really news any more - but the figures themselves can still be quite staggering. US-based developer Tapulous, for example, has revealed that it makes more than $1 million USD every month from its iPhone titles.

Tapulous is most well-known for creating the Tap Tap Revenge games on the iPhone, which have apparently been installed more than 20 million times. Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem told Reuters that more than 600 million games of Tap Tap Revenge had been played since the game was released.

According to research from comScore, at least one in three iPhone users had downloaded and played a game in the Tap Tap series at least once.

Discussing how the game made money, Tapulous' Bart Decrem said that much of it was down to the number of ways the game had been released. The Tap Tap series has been available in standard, free, ad-supported and band-endorsed formats, with still more games on the way as the iPhone platform continues to expand.

"It's going to be big and all of a sudden people are going to say, 'holy cow, where did those guys come from?'" He added.

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