iPhone 4G revealed?

Written by Joe Martin

April 20, 2010 | 10:53

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The first images and details of a new generation iPhone have appeared on the internet after Gizmodo claims to have come into possession of a new iPhone 4G.

The new iPhone model was apparently left in a Redwood City bar by Apple employee Gray Powell, who had had the 4G in a case which disguised it as an existing model. The misplaced iPhone 4G then found it's way into the hands of bloggers after being picked up by another drinker.

Analysis of the new iPhone 4G is still underway, but initial reports indicate that the phone will have a better camera, a new secondary microphone for noise cancellation and a 16 percent larger battery.

There are lots of cosmetic tweaks too. The volume control has been changed into two separate metallic buttons, the screen is slightly smaller but boasts a higher resolution and the back of the device is now flat.

The iPhone 4G is also about 3 grams heavier than the existing model 3G model.

Gizmodo has disassembled the device after using it for about a week and claims that it is almost definitely a genuine Apple 4G prototype.

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