id Software details two iPhone projects

Written by Joe Martin

February 25, 2009 | 12:34

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id Software has been a fan of the iPhone ever since the platform was first announced, with John Carmack lauding the potential of the mobile phone as a gaming device at QuakeCon last year and saying that the company already had two secret projects in development - one of which would be a "graphical tour de force".

Now though, thanks to an interview with Joystiq, those games are secrets no longer.

The first game that id Software is hoping to release Apple's iPhone is a simple port of the successful Wolfenstein RPG game that the company had previously published on other mobile handsets. Carmack previously described the game as a pretty conventional mobile game and the idea of a turn-based RPG would seem to mesh well with the iPhone's limited inputs.

The other and much more exciting project though has been revealed as a port of Quake 3: Arena - the same game that id Software currently has running in browsers as the free-to-play Quake Live.

In the coming interview Carmack described Quake 3 for iPhones as a bit of a "internal hack-around needs a significant amount of time to get a framerate worth of the game." He did however mention that, although id Software was very bullish on iPhone development, it wasn't decided yet if Quake 3 would make a viable iPhone product.

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