Civilization released for iPhone

Written by Joe Martin

August 10, 2009 | 10:12

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2K Games has delighted gamers and Apple-fanatics everywhere today by releasing an iPhone and iPod Touch version of the much-loved strategy game, Civilization.

Sadly though, the game isn't a port of the original Civilization, nor one of the more faithful sequels. Instead, it's a port of the more accessible and cartoony revamp of the series, Civilization Revolution.

Released last year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS, Civilization Revolution was a deliberate attempt to give the strategy series more mass-market appeal and actually wasn't that bad. If nothing else it was a nice introduction to the series, though you can read more info about the game in our full Civilization Revolution Xbox 360 review.

2K has already released a lite version of the game alongside the full release, so even if you're a Civ sceptic then you can still check it out for free.

We've only played a handful of turns in the lite version ourselves, which limits you to progressing as far as the Modern Era as one of three nations, but so far it looks like a pretty solid port of the Nintendo DS version of the game, with an optimised interface.

Are you a big Civilization Revolution fan? Then let us know your thoughts on the game in the forums.
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