Apple shows iOS 7 game controller plans

Written by Edward Chester

June 15, 2013 | 11:09

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Apple has confirmed that it will license official iOS 7 game controllers that at least initially are to be produced by Logitech and Moga.

The reveal came during a session at WWDC where, during a 45-min presentation, Apple outlined the requirements for the new devices, showing hardware mock-ups and talking through best-practice guidelines.

Two types of controller will be available: one that wraps around iPhones and iPod touches and one that is a separate device for use with tablets.

The first, described as a “form-fitting extended gamepad” features a typical array of controls, with a D-pad, ABXY buttons, two analogue-sticks and pairs of shoulder buttons. Interestingly, Apple has suggested a tall and slim design, with the buttons at either end of the iDevice, rather than a shorter, squatter layout with some of the controls sitting below the screen. The designs also specifically mention that the touchscreen will still be accessible.

The separate controller design, has a chunkier, more compact design and is every bit the typical game controller, with again the same offering of buttons.

One unique Apple feature is a pause button that allows for quick access to the menu of iOS games, preventing the need to navigate the main interface in between games.

Apple was also keen to emphasise that both iOS 7 controllers will have pressure-sensitive analogue sticks without a dead zone, non-drifting D-pads and fast button response times.

No mention is made of the form-fitting controller offering extended battery life, suggesting this isn't something Apple will allow.

Specifics on when the controllers would come to market were not forthcoming. Instead the presentation slides simply stated availability as being in Autumn (Fall), which is as specific as the company has been about the iOS7 release date.

Apple shows iOS 7 game controller plans

Apple shows iOS 7 game controller plans

Apple shows iOS 7 game controller plans
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