Another Resident Evil film a possibility?

Written by Joe Martin

July 2, 2008 | 12:14

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Paul W.S. Anderson, the director behind the original Resident Evil film, has indicated that he is currently in talks with Sony to make a fourth film in the series, though nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Speaking to MTV, Anderson said “I don’t even know if anything will come of it, but there’s a possibility it might happen.

I love the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise and we always try to make the best possible movie we can. If we could find a good ‘Resident Evil 4’ to make, then we would do it,” continued Anderson.

But I wouldn’t just do it for the sake of it, that’s for sure.

The last Resident Evil film, Extinction, opened the strongest of all the films in the series, but had a hugely negative reaction from critics and fans. In fact, in terms of fan-reaction, the first film is generally held up as the best in the series.

The good news though is that Anderson only directed the first film, only overseeing the production of the later films without getting hands-on. That bodes well if Anderson does get the approval to go ahead and make another film.

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