Acer to enter the games market?

Written by Joe Martin

March 17, 2008 | 11:54

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Companies: #acer

Acer is apparently looking to enter the games market. Yeah, we know - it surprised us too and it seems that FutureMark isn't the only PC-centric company looking to get into the games market at the moment.

According to German games website Gamestar though (via Kotaku), Acer is looking not to develop its own computer games, but to develop new games hardware.

The company's senior vice president, James T. Wong, told the site that the the closed, proprietary nature of consoles was the major inspiration for the decision to enter the console market.

Wong then revealed that Acer is planning to develop an open-standard, PC-based "games machine."

There isn't much more to tell at the moment, so file this under unconfirmed for now and feel free to take the news with a healthy pinch of salt - but rest assured that we'll keep you filled in as we find out more.

Until then though, you'll have to discuss it in the forums.
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