A closer look at "Bully"

Written by Brett Thomas

October 9, 2006 | 15:24

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There are forumites that are just waiting to say "I told you so" on this one.

The boys over at Wired got an invite and back-stage pass to Rockstar recently, in an effort to get to know the new kid on the block, "Bully." What they found was a game that still had the feel of GTA: San Andreas, but with a chaotic-good moral fibre that may take Jack Thompson off his guard for a minute. Has Rockstar gone soft?

Nah. At least, that's the conclusion that Clive Thompson came to by the end of his trip. In fact, by his account, the best way to describe the game is quintessential Rockstar, with all the trimmings. There's the sandbox world, the countless minigames, even random points of evesdropping. The world that Rockstar created feels genuine, he says.

There's only one thing missing - blood. Not a drop of it throughout the game, in fact. Yes, there's the occasional brawl, but it's usually in defense of someone helpless, and it stops before any real violence commences. Did I say defense of someone helpless? Why yes, I did - protecting others is apparently a big part of the game, particularly keeping the "nerds" from getting pounded. In fact, Clive goes on to say that one of the worst things you can do in-game is break curfew.

The whole lack of violence is bound to confuse and confound people, particularly those who were really counting on this for political and media gain (ahem, I'm looking in the direction of the Florida Bar Association, Jack, and then back up to New York, dear Senator Clinton). One has to wonder whether they'll make such a storm about it being different than what they expected, or just let it slip out quietly to avoid having to say they're sorry or admit they're wrong. After all, that might be something that a mature, well-raised person might do.

Give the full (p)review a read, and drop into our forums to let us know what your thoughts are.
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