Xbox 360 will make profit next year?

Written by Joe Martin

May 4, 2007 | 11:35

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Microsoft would like you to think that the Xbox 360 is a fantastic console, selling by the planet-load and playing like something out of The Lawnmower Man, but the reality is a little different as we all know.

In fact, Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, recently told eWeek how Microsoft is projecting the sales are really panning out in his section, which manages the Zune and of course the Xbox 360.

Robbie was quoted as saying that the Xbox 360 was the "hardest piece of consumer electronics hardware to produce in the world."

He also revealed that the Xbox 360 would begin making profit for Microsoft next year if sales projections were reached in time.

Bach reckons that the growth of Xbox Live and sales of Xbox 360 peripherals will contribute to their income massively.

Of course, with the 360's successor undoubtedly already being worked on, one has to wonder how long it'll be before the black plummets back into the red.

Has the Xbox line been a triumph for Microsoft, or is it just falling apart slower than expected? Give us your opinions in the forums.
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